Video 12 Aug 2015

Stars and Rabbit Rilis Video Dokumenter Pendek “It Takes Two”

Video berdurasi 10 menit ini menceritakan perjalanan tur konser Asia Stars and Rabbit dalam rangka promosi album barunya yang bertajuk ‘Constellation’, dan bagaimana orang-orang yang mereka temui selama perjalanan merespon musik mereka.

Press Release 29 Jul 2015

Constellation Signing Sessions #1

Setelah merilis CD album penuh perdana ‘Constellation’ pada tanggal 15 Juni dan diikuti dengan tur ke beberapa kota di Asia beberapa waktu lalu, kini Stars and Rabbit meluangkan waktu khusus untuk sesi temu dan tanda tangan dengan para penikmat musik mereka.

Review 2 Jun 2015

Stars and Rabbit (Indonesia 印尼)

Stars and Rabbit require a proper introduction before seeing them perform. The compositions and the singers’ haunting, artistic ambience are not typical of a trio one might expect to hear upon walking into a pub on acoustic night.

Press Release 21 May 2015

Stars and Rabbit Announces Asian Tour Dates

Please mark your calendar and join us. Indonesian indie folk pop duo Stars and Rabbit are about to hit the road for their first Asian tour. They will set intimate concerts with a record release show for their full-length debut, Constellation (out 5/15 on Green Island Music) and spend a solid three weeks on the road… Read more

Press Release 1 May 2015

Stars and Rabbit Announces New Album ‘Constellation’

Their upcoming full-length debut, Constellation, takes that same persistence and exploration on it. All of the unique sounds and the distinct style of their previous works are present on this LP, but it definitely feels more confident, collaborative, and emotional than ever.

Review 18 Sep 2013

Stars and Rabbit Live at Deus

Elda is the heavyweight in Stars and Rabbit. Adi’s tasteful use of effects on his guitar compliments his refined guitar work. Not to be seen as “just the guitarist”, Adi is also an impressive back-up vocalist who can execute high falsettos with great emotion.

Press Release 10 Sep 2013

Stars and Rabbit Announced the Release of the Duo’s First Live EP

For the first time, Stars and Rabbit – formed by Elda Suryani and Adi Widodo – is releasing a mini souvenir of their latest gig as a duo. With no band accompaniment, Elda (on vocals) and Adi (on acoustic guitar) presented the very essence of Stars and Rabbit, in a show that is undeniably intimate, energetic, and soulful.

Review 10 Sep 2012

Reaching for the Stars (With a Rabbit)

As the duo complements each other perfectly in every musical sense, both in songwriting and performing, with Adi’s strumming and falsettos that harmonise in sync with Elda’s childlike, melodic voice, it is no wonder that their music has reached so many ears in such a short span of time.